Saturday, April 01, 2006

April 1: Update Your Dictionary Day

In addition to the traditional spring cleaning you do around your house, today is a day for a lexical brush-up. How many dictionaries do you have in your house? Are they up-to-date? Yes, dictionaries do become outdated as old words are removed and new words are added each year. The English language is always changing and evolving, and at this very minute lexicographers are working dilligently, revising the latest update of the English lexicon. Therefore, if your dictionary is more than five years old, it's probably time to invest in an updated edition.

Here's how to do a quick check to see if your dictionary is out of date. Look up the word gullible. The good folks at Webster's removed this word in the year 2000. If your dictionary still has the word, it's time to buy a 21st century edition.

Challenge: Dictionary Dusting
Visit your local library today and check the dictionaries in the reference section. Let your librarian know if any of the editions contain the archaic word gullible. Also, pass on this simple dictionary checking tip to your friends and family.

Quote of the Day: The man who makes no mistakes lacks boldness and the spirit of adventure. He never tries anything new. He is a brake on the wheels of progress. --M.W. Larmour

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